Optimized Order Management

UX design

To comply with my confidentiality agreement I have omitted and appropriated confidential information. These designs are a reinterpretation of the original.

Chikoo is a intelligent business management suite for the modern workplace. A business management software with front end integrated website, a external food app and other third part integrations, for large and small scale companies who need more control, security, and confidentiality. Chikoo is perfect for places like Resturants, Gerocry stores, Pharmacies, Fashion or and retail startups. When we (that includes myself, our director of product, and two Project managers) joined the team in August 2022, Chikoo was definitely lacking in the design department, and not just in visual design but in the overall user experience. The product had been designed and built by the engineering team, was bloated with features, and was lacking an effortless user experience. As a product designer, it was my role to work alongside the team to significantly improve the the user experience of the beta product and have it ready to be shipped within 6 months.
The Challenge

Hard to Keep up with growing order numbers and taking payments of prepaid products

Chikoo had previously developed an MVP version of the service with a very limited preview information and order types. After achieving product market fit and internal buy–in, Chikoo wanted to revamp the function that helps a simple user with order fulfillment but also enable power users to have enough information about the order and client when receiving their orders. Also, the MVP was built very quickly and had issues in accessibility, which needed to be fixed before a wider launch to comply with the Worldwide accessibility directive.

MVP Designs for order management - 2020

Broken Accessibility and Enhancing Order Types and Delivery methods.

When we started working on the project, my first task was to conduct an accessibility audit for the MVP web app. After discussions with the team, we decided that the most efficient way fix the issues would be to use the existing Chikoo Design System and the same components that I had already been working with on the other projects. In addition to fixing the accessibility issues, this way we could also achieve a more consistent user experience across the different functions within the App not related to order management.

I mapped out the scope of this project and which features the changes will be effected and then presented a 3 stage plan to the development team to include in their sprints breaking it for easier implementation in the code. First stages was to fix the accessibility in the existing MVP. Second was to break the preview method into split screen ( like Gmail previewing ) and adding later delivery and prepaid filters. Third phase will filter out the orders per stage like " received " to " Delivered ".

Design methods used during the project included journey mapping, facilitating workshops, UI/UX design, and prototyping solutions.


unstable economy leading to different prices for each Batch

When developing the batch, the team did usability testing and found that the business owners ( i.e Merchants ) have a hard time with different prices for each batch especially in grocery stores and pharmacies. The government of Pakistan bounds them to sale the medicine and items on the exact prices printed on the boxes even though fluctuations in prices cause of inflation has made it difficult for the merchants to sell. So the team and me worked out that on the website if you increase the quantity and if the product is coming from two different batches then it will be previewed on the product display and checkout with different prices.


What Type of order and when does it need to deliver?

Growing number of different business that are using Chikoo as their business management, we wanted to include different features like ASAP deliveries, future deliveries, prepaid orders, and batch-manufactured product order. This helped Chikoo pitch bigger clients like MNCs and enterprises to use chikoo for their product management.

Final Solution Screens

Presenting you – Chikoo Order and Inventory Management

With optimized screen for order manangement Growing number of different business that are using Chikoo as their

Detailed Design

Impacts and Learnings:

The implementation of the Order Management system feature in Chikoo addresses these challenges, enhances the platform, and contributes to business success by improving order accuracy, delivery efficiency, and customer satisfaction. It revolutionizes how businesses handle diverse order types, streamlining processes and enhancing the overall customer experience.

The next round of iterations will be on the improvements of batch Inventory and variation e-com products inventory which will help the orders to better sync. with more feedback from the audience with can also improve customer profile according to their ordering habits which can help merchants better serve indivitual customers and their needs & behavior better.